About US

The Himalayas have been the world’s most fascinating place for outdoor adventure, people, and culture. We, “Go The Himalaya” organize high-altitude trekking, mountaineering, hiking, rafting, wildlife safari, cultural research, and other activities. Our team is eager to show you the Himalayas & its beauty. So, provide us with an opportunity to manage an event and help you explore nature, feel the harmony, and conserve her.

Company Overview

Go The Himalaya Pvt. Ltd.” was founded by two young & enthusiastic trekking leaders, Ash Bahadur Gurung (Ashish) and Deependra Chapai, in the year 2018. After working for many years as a porter, guide, and leader, we created ‘Go The Himalaya’ with our core team of guides and porters who have been trekking for many years. ‘Go The Himalaya’ is a 100% locally-owned, inbounded ground operator trekking & expedition company based in Pokhara, Nepal.

Our team at ‘Go The Himalaya’ is very experienced and fully equipped for safety to show the scenic beauty of the glorious Himalayas to the world. Being owned by people whose living is generated from trekking. ‘Go The Himalaya’ offers wholesale trekking & tour packages with superior quality at reasonable prices. We, ‘Go The Himalaya” are working together as a global team of trekking experts & we are growing because of your valuable input & trust

How are we different?

‘Go The Himalaya’ team has spent years to find more eco-friendly & pleasuring destinations within Nepal. Each team member for our company has been specifically selected based on their skills, talents, gratitude, hospitality, and dedication towards customers’ delight. While traveling and trekking with us you feel comfortable as you become part of our family. We, “Go The Himalaya” are a cooperative team where each member shares equal rights & duties towards management & share dividend out of its earnings. We follow international norms for the safety & insurance of guides & porters in our team.

We focus on native language-based services for travelers & trekkers from different countries for their natural comfort. Travelers’ choices and wishes have always been our priority. We have specialized guides for special itineraries viz. photography, cultural, bird-watching, pony, luxury, chartered, etc.

What do we start for?

As you know our primary goal is to offer various kinds of trekking and tour packages at reasonable cost and ensure the safety of you or our clients and our employees at the time of servicing. So we hope, every traveler enjoys their trips very happily without worrying anything.

‘Go The Himalaya’ and our employees implement the policy of environmental conservation in every service. We feel our responsibility to conserve and save the environment so we organize sanitation and environmental awareness programs at the Trekking trials, villages, and city areas.

We are always concerned with qualitative services and safety of you at Himalaya/ Trekking. So we, ourselves organize and participate in various kinds of training for our guide and porter such as language and communication, first aid and safety, Himalayan culture and culture exchange program, photography and Bird watching, Environmental awareness and flora fauna, rock climbing, etc. Such training could improve self-knowledge & confidence which helps to provide qualitative services.

Besides that, we established the ‘non-profitable residential children schooling organization’ to provide quality education for those children who are out of school or near to drop out the school. And 30% of our annual profit directly goes to this organization.

For more information visit our ‘CSR’ page.

4) Why ‘Go The Himalaya’?

Our key priority is focusing on individualized services, your custom-made trip as well as a group trip in Nepal Himalaya with our local specialist. You always get a chance to experience mountain culture and immerse yourself there, visit ancient world heritage sites & cities, see and experience a different way of life, explore the alluring beauty of the Himalayas, and capture them in your memories & camera has been our principal to providing services. So in our friendly environment, you will feel like a family and a lifetime trip of your perfect adventure life.



We are " local guides and porters who were born & spent their childhood and life in the Himalayan region" owned company but our team works very actively to book, reply to inquiries, and provide authentic information for prospective clients and make a quick & convenient procedure for booking. We are very reliable in arranging and providing services as per our agreement as well as administration staff, trekking guide & porter and airport representatives. 


Local specialists and great value for money for them

Our fundamental goal is the employment of our guide & porter, to help their lifestyle & local economy. So giving us a chance to serve you is so precious to us. Because of that reason, our trip prices are extremely competitive and reasonable compared to national and international

The most important thing about going to The Trekking is the safety of our clients and staff. We are aware clearly, of how critical problem/situation comes at the Himalayas. Our guides are fully first-aid trained, experienced, and insured. So they handled the problem very carefully but if anything serious happened then we immediately sent a helicopter to evacuate that person because health is a more precious thing than anything.

We always stay in touch with our guide and team leader every day. As soon as we received a message from our guide or you or the team leader, we started our exercise without spending any second to contact the insurance company and Helicopter company. If insurance does not work or delays the procedure then we evacuate the person ourselves and bring them to a safe area.

“We do not care about other things than saving lives.”

Quality services

Our dedicated team is always ready to make your journey pleasurable and memorable in Nepal Himalaya with us. We listed below some of the ways that try to enhance your experiences.

  • International standard services
  • Local, friendly, kind and helpful, well-trained staff.
  • The fully organized whole trip from International Airport to International Airport.(Arrival  date to Departure date)
  • Every arrangement and service can be customized as you wish and create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists.
  • Safety is our priority and we are fully aware of it.
  • Cultural experience from participant observation with locals.
  • Our team always does exercises to collect authentic information and provide it to you & it is about the Himalayas, food, people, culture and flora & fauna, history, religion, architecture, etc.

Guaranteed departure date and option to customize yourself

We focus on individual and customized trips rather than fixed departures. Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements and explore your interests at your speed select your preferred style of accommodation and create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists.

And we guarantee that the departure date is.

“Come and join us for wonderful mountainous & cultural experiences. Our passionate team is proud & eager to show the Himalayas to you”.

Have a wonderful time ahead.

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